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Crime, Fear, and Control in Neighborhood Commercial Centers: An Executive Summary
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Mar 1984
Study data came from 93 commercial centers containing about 20 stores and from the 25 to 30 square blocks of residential areas surrounding each center. The centers were all located in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn. Twenty-four of the areas were studied more intensively. While personal crimes were highly related to neighborhood characteristics, commercial crime was only moderately so. Convenience retail stores were the most common target of robberies, while retail and entertainment establishments were the main targets of burglaries. Business people who belonged to business organizations were more optimistic about their futures and that of the center and expressed greater responsibility for control in the center's public areas than did unorganized people. Business people tended to respond rationally to the threat of commercial crime, with more vulnerable businesses taking appropriate precautions. Since the business centers are dependent on the surrounding neighborhoods, development efforts must consider both. Business organizations and residential/business cooperation would be two appropriate areas on which to focus policy attention. source
NCJ 094225
Minnesota Crime Prevention Center
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