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Pub. Type Document
Title Performing Well But Feeling Bad
Author(s)/Editor(s) Schneider, B.
Broege, N.
Owens, A.
Subtitle Harvard University's Achievement Gap Initiative
Pub. Year 2006
Abstract This study examines how adolescents┐ classroom experiences vary by race or ethnicity using data from a subsample of over 800 adolescents from the Sloan Study of Youth and Social Development. Responses to the Experience Sampling Method (ESM), a time diary method in which respondents report their in-the-moment emotional experiences, indicate that a bimodality trend in subjective experiences in the classroom exists: Asian American and White students perform the best yet feel the worst; and Hispanic and African American students perform the worst, yet feel the best. Results suggest that subjective experiences in the classroom are an important but less explored resource in the development of students┐ academic goals.
Place of Publication Cambridge, MA

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