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Book Section
Incivilities Thesis: Theory, Management, and Policy
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Measuring What Matters: Proceedings from the Policing Research Institute Meetings
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Incivility indicators are social and physical conditions in a neighborhood that are viewed as troublesome and potentially threatening by its residents and users of its public spaces. Recent theorists have shifted from a psychological to an ecological perspective on responsible processes; expanded the scope of relevant outcomes; separated the causes of crime from the causes of incivilities, justifying a separate policy and theoretical focus on the latter; and switched from a cross-sectional to a longitudinal focus. Researchers have not yet examined the discriminant validity of incivilities indicators; do not yet know whether those indicators display multimethod convergent validity; and do not know if incivility indicators capturing change display convergent validity. Figures, notes, references source
NCJ 179858
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65 - 88

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