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Pub. Type Report
Title Demographic subgroup trends for various licit and illicit drugs, 1975-2001
Author(s) Johnston, Lloyd D.
O'Malley, Patrick M.
Bachman, Jerald G.
Subtitle/Series Name Monitoring the Future Occasional Paper 57
Pub. Date 2002
Abstract This paper is intended to serve as a supplement to a larger annual volume, "Monitoring the Future National Survey Results on Drug Use, 1975-2001: Volume 1, Secondary School Students." Demographic and prevalence trends are provided for all of the drugs being studied. This paper contains graphic presentations of those trends. The demographic subgroups are defined by gender, college plans, region of the country, population density, education level of the parents (a proxy for socioeconomic level), and racial/ethnic identification. Trend data are presented for 12th grade students beginning in 1975 and for 8th and 10th grades beginning in 1991.
Producer University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research
Place of Production Ann Arbor, MI

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