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Traditionally, the Stanford-Binet (SB) Intelligence Scale was a wide-range individual test, assessing intelligence from age two through the superior adult level. It was an age scale, requiring subjects to solve problems, give definitions, memorize new material, and use some visual-motor skills at various age levels. For the PHDCN, the SB included a vocabulary subtest that consisted of providing both names of pictures and definitions of words.

WAVE 1: The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (PDF 2.4MG) was administered to Cohort 3.

WAVE 2: The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (PDF 3.1MG) was administered to Cohort 3.


Turman, E. & Merrill, M. (1973). Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: Manual for the Third Revision, Form L-M. Boston: The Houghton-Mifflin Company.

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Shaded boxes indicate that the measure is not available for a given wave/cohort.

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