1. How can I get the non-restricted version of a restricted dataset?
  2. How does your archive prepare a data collection for public release?
  3. How do I decompress the files I download from your site?
  4. How do I find data referenced in a journal as being available at your archive?
  5. How do I find data that I can use for my research project?
  6. I'm getting a "file not found" error when trying to use a setup file. What is wrong?
  7. I am taking a stats class and need a dataset. I have selected a dataset, but there is no setup file for the stat package I am using. What should I do?
  8. I can't see or click on the data file that I am trying to download!
  9. I downloaded data from your site, but my statistics application issues an error message that the file cannot be found.
  10. I have no experience creating setup files for statistical packages. How do I load the data into the program?
  11. I want to have my own personal membership. I have a MyData account. What do I need to do?
  12. What are setup files?
  13. What is MyData?