1. Can I do Boolean searching on the Web site?
  2. Can I have a Trial ICPSR Membership?
  3. Can I search for STF 3A and other letter-number combinations?
  4. Can I use an asterisk in the search to match partial words?
  5. Can I use R without having to learn the details of the R language?
  6. Can my data be embargoed until I or my research team finish all our planned analyses?
  7. Does ICPSR accept qualitative data?
  8. Does your archive keep the original version of the files that I submit for archiving?
  9. How can I get the non-restricted version of a restricted dataset?
  10. How can I search a particular field in the study descriptions?
  11. How can I use your data with GIS software, such as ArcView or MapInfo?
  12. How can my organization become a member of ICPSR?
  13. How does your archive prepare a data collection for public release?
  14. How do I access ICPSR data if I am not at a member institution?
  15. How do I decompress the files I download from your site?
  16. How do I find data referenced in a journal as being available at your archive?
  17. How do I find data that I can use for my research project?
  18. How do I interpret a record from an ASCII data file?
  19. How do I know if I am an ICPSR member?
  20. How do I read data into R?
  21. How do I use an SPSS setup file to import ASCII data?
  22. How do I use a SAS setup file to import ASCII data?
  23. How do I use a Stata setup file to import ASCII data?
  24. How do I use the Recode Syntax analysis tool?
  25. How do I use the Sample Characteristics analysis tool?
  26. How do I use the Subset analysis tool?
  27. How do I validate my MyData account? What does validation do exactly?
  28. How secure is the data deposit form?
  29. How will the research community know that my data are available from ICPSR?
  30. I'm getting a "file not found" error when trying to use a setup file. What is wrong?
  31. I've forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?
  32. I am taking a stats class and need a dataset. I have selected a dataset, but there is no setup file for the stat package I am using. What should I do?
  33. I can't see or click on the data file that I am trying to download!
  34. I don't mind depositing the baseline study from my longitudinal data system, but is it possible to delay release of subsequent waves of data?
  35. I downloaded data from your site, but my statistics application issues an error message that the file cannot be found.
  36. If I deposit data with NAHDAP, who owns the data?
  37. I have no experience creating setup files for statistical packages. How do I load the data into the program?
  38. In the informed consent documents, I promised the data would only be used by an approved research team. How can I now share my data with others?
  39. I prefer not to submit my data collection via the Electronic Deposit Form. Do I have other options?
  40. Is it possible for me to read and approve research proposals based on my data? I wish to determine the nature of the research done with my data.
  41. I want to have my own personal membership. I have a MyData account. What do I need to do?
  42. McAffee Antivirus says that a data file on your site has a virus in it. How do I get a virus-free file?
  43. My data/documentation are not in a format that can be released to secondary users. How do I find the resources to prepare it for broader distribution?
  44. My data are collected from very vulnerable populations. How can I prevent these data from being used to portray them in an injurious way?
  45. My data are on very sensitive topics; the risk to participants is very high should they be re-identified. How can I protect the respondents?
  46. My data are very complicated. I am not sure users will be able to use the data. Will NAHDAP staff provide user support?
  47. Once I've deposited my data, I do not want changes made to my data collection without my permission. Will you contact me prior to altering the files?
  48. The files I'm attempting to download are very large...so large that my Web browser crashes. What can I do?
  49. The Search Results page indicates that my search is "sorted by relevance." What does that mean?
  50. What's the date/number listed to the right of each search result?
  51. What are setup files?
  52. What are the consequences of violating the terms of use agreement for ICPSR data?
  53. What are the main components of the SDA interface?
  54. What enhancements are available when using SDA?
  55. What is MyData?
  56. What is R?
  57. What is the preferred submission format for data files?
  58. What kind of data formats does the archive distribute? Do you have SPSS Portable files? SAS transport? Stata?
  59. What kind of documentation do you provide, and in what formats?
  60. Whenever I try to login, I get a message stating that I don't have cookies enabled. What's going on?
  61. When I attempt to access data from home, I get an "access denied" message, even though my institution is an ICPSR member. Why?
  62. When I attempt to uncompress the files I downloaded from your site, WinZip complains that the file name is insensible. How can I uncompress the file?
  63. When I open an ASCII codebook, it displays oddly and is difficult to read. What can I do to fix this?
  64. When will I know if my data collection will be archived?
  65. Where do I get information about the names and meanings of variables?
  66. Why can't I print my PDF codebook?
  67. Why do some international characters appear garbled in newer versions of Stata?
  68. Why is sharing data useful to me? Why should I share data that I have worked very hard to collect and analyze?
  69. Why should my institution join ICPSR?