IR_MSADJCHRG_CATE: Official Record Initial referring_Most Serious Adjudicated charge categories

1 Person Crime 54740.4%
2 Property Crime 34125.2%
3 Weapons Charge 13510.0%
4 Drug Charge 21015.5%
5 Other 533.9%
6 Sex Crime 523.8%
8 All Charges Dismissed 40.3%
Missing Data
-9 Adj. Status not Known - Charged Pending or Not Available 120.9%
Total 1,354 100%

Based upon 1,342 valid cases out of 1,354 total cases.

Location: 3790-3791 (width: 2; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: numeric

(Range of) Missing Values: -9


Source: This variable was taken from: Research on Pathways to Desistance [Maricopa County, AZ and Philadelphia County, PA]: Official Arrest Records, 2000-2010 [Restricted].

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Disclaimer: The frequencies for this variable may not be weighted. They are purely descriptive and may not be representative of the study population. Please use with caution and consult the study documentation.