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S9PARMNT: S9 PMonit: Parental Monitoring

Parental monitoring; Mean of 4 items; only available if subject lives with 
supervising adult

MEASURE: Parental Monitoring

The Parental Monitoring inventory (Steinberg, Dornbusch, & Darling, 1992) was 
adapted for this study to assess parenting practices related to supervision of
the adolescent (i.e. study participant). Preliminary questions establish the 
presence of a single individual (X) who is primarily responsible for the youth.
The respondent's answers to several items about their current living situation,
specifically whether they live with the identified caretaker, establishes the 
skip pattern followed in the parental monitoring items. The scale is composed 
of 9 items. Five items assess parental knowledge (e.g. How much does X know 
about how you spend your free time) and are answered on a 4-point likert scale
ranging from "doesn't know at all to "knows everything". Even if a youth does 
not live with the person identified as their primary caretaker, they are asked
these questions. If the youth lives with the primary caretaker, four additional
items are asked to assess parental monitoring of the youth's behavior (e.g. How
often do you have a set time to be home on weekend nights?). These are answered 
on a 4-point likert scale which ranges from "never" to "always".

(1) Never
(2) Sometimes
(3) Usually
(4) Always

Consult the Pathways Study codebook for more information (
1.00 Never 00.0%
2.00 Sometimes 00.0%
3.00 Usually 00.0%
4.00 Always 00.0%
Missing Data
-201.00 IntCompStat = 4 missed interview 17512.9%
-100.00 Did not skip into Parental Monitoring section 1,17987.1%
Total 1,354 100%

Based upon 0 valid cases out of 1,354 total cases.

Location: 1941-1947 (width: 7; decimal: 2)

Variable Type: numeric

(Range of) Missing Values: -300.00 , -202.00 , -201.00 , -100.00 , -99.00 , -98.00 , -97.00


Source: This variable was taken from: Research on Pathways to Desistance [Maricopa County, AZ and Philadelphia County, PA]: Subject Measures, 2000-2010.

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