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S0SER8: S0 Services: RTC: Age 1st time stayed overnight

The subjects age at first stay in a RTC facility.

MEASURE: Services and Medications

Participation in both residential and community-based social services is assessed 
through a modified version of the Child and Adolescent Services Assessment (CASA;
Burns, et al., 1992). At the baseline interview, subjects are asked if they have 
received services in a range of settings (e.g., alcohol/drug treatment, psychiatric
treatment, hospitalizations, foster care, family counseling, detention /prison / 
jail stays, priest/minister/clergy visitations) across both the juvenile justice and 
the mental health sector. A history of medication use is also obtained (medication 
name and recency of last dose). Once endorsed, follow-up questions obtain the age at
the initial receipt of the treatment and the recency of this service use. 

Consult the Pathways Study codebook for more information (
9 9 or Younger 161.2%
10 - 70.5%
11 - 141.0%
12 - 292.1%
13 - 322.4%
14 - 463.4%
15 - 493.6%
16 - 433.2%
17 - 131.0%
18 - 10.1%
Missing Data
-200 Data missing 80.6%
-101 Skipped: Service not endorsed 1,09580.9%
-99 Dont Know 10.1%
Total 1,354 100%

Based upon 250 valid cases out of 1,354 total cases.

Location: 3210-3213 (width: 4; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: numeric

(Range of) Missing Values: -200 , -101 , -99 , -98


Source: This variable was taken from: Research on Pathways to Desistance [Maricopa County, AZ and Philadelphia County, PA]: Subject Measures, 2000-2010.

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