Next, I'd like to ask some questions about other scheduled individual or group services that you may have received since your admission. These services may be any counseling, treatment, or other help that you have received from a professional (such as a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or case manager). Do not include any services that we have already talked about or that you have received on an unscheduled basis. Since your admission, have you received any scheduled individual or group services for emotional or mental health problems other than the services that I have already asked about?

1 YES 28912.8%
2 NO 1,96687.1%
Missing Data
-8 MISSING 20.1%
-4 DON'T KNOW 10.0%
Total 2,258 100%

Based upon 2,255 valid cases out of 2,258 total cases.

Summary Statistics

  • mean: 1.87
  • median: 2.00
  • mode: 2.00
  • minimum: 1
  • maximum: 2
  • standard deviation: 0.33

Location: 1699-1700 (width: 2; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: numeric

(Range of) Missing Values: -9 , -8 , -7 , -6 , -5 , -4 , -3 , -2


Source: This variable was taken from: Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study--Adolescent (DATOS-A), 1993-1995: [United States].

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Disclaimer: The frequencies for this variable may not be weighted. They are purely descriptive and may not be representative of the study population. Please use with caution and consult the study documentation.