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The values in the section may be inconsistent with values
from the core section(s). Items in this section were edited
when respondents legitimately skipped out of these items
based on prior answers in the core section(s). Otherwise,
non-core items generally were not edited to make them
consistent with core items, and core items were not edited
to make them consistent with non-core items.

These next questions are about treatment and counseling
for problems with emotions, nerves or mental health.
Please do not include treatment for alcohol or
drug use.

(ADMT13)    The list below includes some of the places where
people can get outpatient treatment or counseling for problems
with their emotions, nerves, or mental health.

During the past 12 months, did you receive any
outpatient treatment or counseling for any problem you
were having with your emotions, nerves, or mental
health at any of the places listed below?  Please do
not include treatment for alcohol or drug use.
-  An outpatient mental health clinic or center
-  The office of a private therapist, psychologist,
psychiatrist, social worker, or counselor that
was not part of a clinic
-  A doctor's office that was not part of a clinic
-  An outpatient medical clinic
-  A partial day hospital or day treatment program
-  Some other place
1 Yes 2,3073.9%
2 No 36,78762.7%
Missing Data
85 BAD DATA Logically assigned 340.1%
89 LEGITIMATE SKIP Logically assigned 40.0%
94 DON'T KNOW 320.1%
97 REFUSED 800.1%
98 BLANK (NO ANSWER) 100.0%
99 LEGITIMATE SKIP 19,42633.1%
Total 58,680 100%

Based upon 39,094 valid cases out of 58,680 total cases.

Summary Statistics

  • mean: 1.94
  • median: 2.00
  • mode: 2.00
  • minimum: 1
  • maximum: 2
  • standard deviation: 0.24

Location: 3028-3029 (width: 2; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: numeric

(Range of) Missing Values: 85 , 89 , 94 , 97 , 98 , 99


Source: This variable was taken from: National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, 2000.

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Disclaimer: The frequencies for this variable may not be weighted. They are purely descriptive and may not be representative of the study population. Please use with caution and consult the study documentation.