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Pub. Type Journal Article
Title Alcohol, marijuana, and American youth: The unintended consequences of government regulation
Author(s) DiNardo, J.
Lemieux, T.
Journal Journal of Health Economics
Pub. Date 2001
Abstract The unintended consequences of government regulation of alcohol and marijuana on American youth are analyzed. Specifically, the paper analyzes the impact of increases in the minimum drinking age on the prevalence of use of alcohol and marijuana by high school seniors. The data are derived from a large sample of students from 43 states over the years 1980-1989, the Monitoring the Future data. Historical and clinical evidence on the relationships between alcohol, marijuana and other drugs; the minimum legal drinking age and the Reagan Administration Presidential Commission on Drunken Driving; and marijuana decriminalization are discussed. source
Volume 20
Issue/No. 6
Pages 991 - 1010
ISSN 0167-6296

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