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Pub. Type Conference Proceedings
Title Criminal justice-referred substance abuse treatment: Factors associated with treatment outcomes
Author(s) Brooks Holliday, S.
Yasuhara, K.
Conference/Meeting Name Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Conference/Meeting Date Feb 2014
Abstract The criminal justice system is a large source of substance abuse treatment referrals. For example, the SAMHSA Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS), indicates that approximately 37% of substance abuse treatment referrals were made through the criminal justice system. This study will utilize the TEDS-Discharge data to identify factors associated not only with successful treatment completion, but also attrition (including ?drop outs? and incarceration) among justice-referred individuals. We will consider type of criminal justice referral, recent criminal justice contact, and treatment-related factors. An appreciation of these factors is important to maximize the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment for a justice-involved population.
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