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Pub. Type Journal Article
Title A genome-wide scan for loci influencing adolescent cannabis dependence symptoms: Evidence for linkage on chromosomes 3 and 9
Author(s) Hopfer, C.J.
Lessem, J.M.
Hartman, C.A.
Stallings, M.C.
Cherny, S.S.
Corley, R.P.
Hewitt, J.K. Krauter K.S. Mikulich-Gilbertson S.K. Rhee S.H. Smolen A. Young S.E.
Crowley, T.J.
Journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Pub. Date Jun 15, 2007
Volume 89
Issue/No. 1
Pages 34 - 41
ISSN 0376-8716

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