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Book Section
Epidemiology of alcohol and drug abuse among adolescents
Book Title:
Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Adolescence
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A systematic review is made of the more salient findings from a decade of research on the epidemiology of alcohol and drug abuse among adolescents. Data from on-going nationwide studies regarding lifetime, past year, and past month use of various drugs are examined. While evidence of a downturn in usage is shown by some indicators, it is too early to determine whether this is a temporary shift in rates or a meaningful trend toward lower levels of drug use. The relative percentage of youth who have used only marijuana has decreased, while the percentage who have used marijuana, other illicit drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol has increased. Regression and discriminant analyses of data from the 1980 Monitoring the Future study of high school seniors reveals that variables which previously differentiated users from nonusers are also useful in differentiating types of multiple drug users. source
Brook, Judith; Lettieri, Dan; Brook, David; Stimmel, Barry
Haworth Press
Place of Publication:
New York, NY
69 - 97

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