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Polzella, Donald J.,  Forbis, Jeremy S. Relationship between exposure to music and pro-social behavior [poster]. 28th Annual Meeting of the Association of Psychological Science. Chicago, IL.
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Jeffri, Joan . The artist as citizen: After the culture wars. Conference on Social Theory, Politics, and the Arts. New York, NY.
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Katz-Gerro, Tally . Leisure activities and cultural tastes as lifestyle indicators: A comparative analysis of Germany, Sweden, Italy, Israel, and the USA. 14th World Congress of Sociology. Montreal, Quebec.
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Hendon, R. Claude . A Comparative Study of Leisure Activities of the Elderly in the Community and in Nursing Homes. Fifth International Conference on Cultural Economics held at the Canada Council. Ottawa, Canada.
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Horowitz, Harold,  Keegan, Carol A.,  Kempnich, Barbara . Cultural Participation and Geographic/Population Schema: From New York City to the Rural Farm. Fourth International Conference on Cultural Economics. Avignon, France.
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