McAffee Antivirus says that a data file on your site has a virus in it. How do I get a virus-free file?

With some of our data files, McAfee Antivirus returns false virus warnings, which are caused by a conflict in the McAfee VirusScan engine before Version 4.5.1. Network Associates, who now own McAfee, have seen this problem and recommend that upgrading to their 4.5.1 engine resolves it. We have done a few tests and it seems to be true across different versions of Windows.

Please note that this refers to updating the virus engine. Updating your virus definitions file will not resolve this conflict.

Most files that we distribute are plain character files--mostly ASCII but some EBCDIC. Unless tampered with after leaving our site, they cannot in principle contain a virus. Any suggestion of viruses in our distribution archive is taken very seriously, but at least for the character data, it is very unlikely that they are real.

If you are currently using the McAfee VirusScan pre-4.5.1, we strongly recommend you upgrade. If you find a virus warning with Version 4.5.1 or later, or with different virus scanning software, please report the problem to immediately. If you need to report a virus, please be sure to include the study number and the file name in your email message.