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Data Bank of Assassinations, 1948-1967 (22)

Data-Driven Supervision Protocols for Positive Parole Outcomes in Georgia, 2007-2008 (218)

Deaths in Custody Reporting Program: Jail Populations, 2000-2013 (187)

Deaths in Custody Reporting Program: State Prisons 2001 - 2009 (68)

Decision-Related Research on the Organization of Service Delivery Systems in Metropolitan Areas: Police Protection (1866)

Defining Law Enforcement's Role in Protecting American Agriculture From Agroterrorism in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, 2003-2004 (244)

Deterrent Effects of Punishment on Crime Rates, 1959-1960 (66)

Developing Uniform Performance Measures for Policing in the United States: A Pilot Project in Four Agencies, 2008-2009 (148)

Developing a Common Metric for Evaluating Police Performance in Deadly Force Situations in the United States, 2009-2011 (685)

Developing a Comprehensive Empirical Model of Policing in the United States, 1996-1999 (87)

Developing and Validating a Brief Jail Mental Health Screen in Maryland and New York, 2005-2006 (383)

Directory of Law Enforcement Agencies, 1992: [United States] (25)

Dissociating Affect and Deliberation in Choice Processes, 2001 (336)

Divorce Mediation and Domestic Violence in the United States, 1993 (161)

Domestic Violence Experiment in King's County (Brooklyn), New York, 1995-1997 (1758)

Drinking and Driving: A Survey of Licensed Drivers in the United States, 1986 (73)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 1994: [United States] (172)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 1997: [United States] (172)

Drugs, Alcohol, and Student Crime in the United States, April-May 1989 (116)

Dynamics of Change in the Criminal Case Plea Bargaining System: New York City, 1800-1890 (357)

Dynamics of Retail Methamphetamine Markets in New York City, 2007-2009 (68)