Step 2: How to Download Data from NACJD

Once you have found a data collection that you would like to use, click on the download option. You will then see a Downloads page that lists all of the files associated with that data collection.

Most NACJD data collections consist of ASCII data files, SAS and SPSS data definition statements, and PDF documentation. If the Downloads page lists only the documentation files, but no data files, then click on the README file or the study description to find out if the data collection is restricted. Certain NACJD data collections are restricted from public dissemination because they contain sensitive or confidential data. These data collections can be obtained free of charge upon approval of a formal written request for the data. Specific instructions for obtaining restricted data can be found on the Restricted Data page.

NACJD data collections must be downloaded to a local machine in order to be used with a GIS software package. Every user should download the ASCII data file(s) of interest and the PDF documentation files. The ASCII data files have to be adjusted before reading them into a GIS software package. That means they must first be read into spreadsheet software (such as Microsoft Excel), database software (such as Microsoft Access), or statistical software (such as SAS or SPSS). If you plan to use spreadsheet or database software, then you do not need to download any additional files. If you plan to use SAS or SPSS then you should also download the data definition statement file(s) corresponding to the data file(s) you downloaded.

If you are downloading data from the NACJD website for the first time, you will be asked to complete a brief online survey. Providing this information is voluntary and in no way impacts your ability to download data. The answers are used to produce aggregate statistical information on the use of NACJD resources.

Each time you download a data collection you will also be asked to agree to the terms and conditions.