Step 1: How to Find Data Collections of Interest

NACJD has developed a set of web pages to help users easily identify data collections that can be used with GIS software. Resources and Data for GIS Analysis provides links to Data for GIS Analysis and GIS Resources at NACJD. The latter provides tools to facilitate GIS analysis that have been developed with the support of the National Institute of Justice.

The Data for GIS Analysis page lists NACJD data collections by the type of geographic identifiers contained in the data, such as FIPS codes, census tracts, zip codes, and x-y coordinates.

Users interested in a particular topic or a specific data collection can search our data holdings from the Download Data page. Data collections found by searching the entire NACJD archive may not contain the necessary geographic identifiers needed for GIS analysis or may require additional manipulation by the data user before reading into a GIS software package. Data users should read the study documentation carefully to determine whether or not a particular data collection is suitable for their research project.