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The New York City Police Cadet Corps, Final Report
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Nov 1991
The Police Cadet Corps program offered full-time sophomores in New York City colleges, who were also city residents, $9,000 toward their tuition over the remainder of their college enrollment. Of this, $6,000 would be in the form of payment for work to be performed and the rest would be an interest-free loan that would be forgiven if the cadet served 2 years as a police officer. The cadets were provided full-time employment during the summer and part-time employment during the school year. The evaluation showed that the program has had encouraging results, although fewer cadets have completed the program than originally intended. The extent to which it achieves its long-term goals of creating a new corps of outstanding future leaders will not be known until later. source
NCJ 133389
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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