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The Relationship of Mental Disorder to Violent Behavior, Final Report
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Oct 1988
Separate chapters examine the relationship between violence and schizophrenia, mood disorders, traumatic stress disorder, and alcohol disorders. Still another chapter examines the relationship between mental disorder and inmates' behavior. Each of these chapters can be read as a separate and full report and each contains its own literature review and methodology section. A separate chapter refutes as inaccurate and counterproductive a recent study that concluded that no relationship between mental disorder and crime exists when other factors are controlled. Among the major findings reported are that relationships do exist between violence and several of the disorders studied. The findings thus indicate the value of assessing the relationship between mental disorder and violence by using specific symptom and disorder measures. A discussion of the public policy implications of the findings is included. source
NCJ 114987
Research Triangle Institute, Center for Social Research and Policy Analysis
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Research Triangle Park, NC

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