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Impact of Legislation to Prohibit Happy Hours, Executive Summary
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Results provided no evidence that the legislation reduced automobile accidents in the State. After estimating ARIMA models for those times and days most likely to be affected by the ban, estimates of the intervention parameter were not significant in any case. Furthermore, intervention components for three control series were negative and approached statistical significance in one instance, suggesting an exogenous reduction in accidents during times and days when the ban could have had no effect. Analyses of accidents in which there was evidence of alcohol involvement were similar in result. Intervention effects were positive, but nonsignificant for the treatment series, and negative, but nonsignificant for the control series. A more restricted analysis of data for Massachusetts also produced similar results. Such legislation in Indiana and elsewhere is best viewed as an example of symbolic action against a policy problem in the face of public pressure. source
NCJ 116826
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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