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Social Justice
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Minnesota Community Corrections Act, Evaluation, Technical Report
Pub. Date:
Jan 1981
Data on adult offenders formed the basis of the development of indicators of public protection and appropriate sanctions and comparisons of these indicators with and without participation in the Community Corrections Act. For 9 of the 10 geographic areas analyzed, social justice was maintained. In no case did this result occur because of a gain for one group and an offsetting loss for another group. In the 10th geographic area, social justice increased as a result of an increase in the appropriateness of sanctions for offenders. The data available on juveniles were not sufficient for analyzing the concept of social justice. The raw data showed that the increases in arrest rates were greater than the decreases in commitment rates, but the arrest data were probably less reliable than the commitment data. It was concluded that the Community Corrections Act had had little impact on public protection or on the appropriateness of sanctions for offenders. Social justice has been maintained but not improved as a result of the act. source
NCJ 86168
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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