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Juvenile Justice Trends, 1977-1987
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A discussion of data sources and data limits for the study covers the Juvenile Detention and Correctional Facility Census, a survey of Youths in Custody, the National Jail Census, current population reports, Uniform Crime Reports, and juvenile court statistics. Data address juvenile arrests, admissions to and 1-day counts in juvenile facilities, resident offenses, resident race/ethnicity, resident drug use and facility drug programming, and resident educational status and facility educational programming. Statistics are also provided on facility types, capacity, and staff; facility crowding; facility average length of stay; facility expenditures; and youths in jails. Although the rate of juvenile arrests for Part I violent crimes remained stable over the decade and the rates of Part I property crimes declined significantly, the rates of admissions to both detention centers and training schools are beginning to increase, notably for black and Hispanic youth. Appended supplementary information and data, 51 tables, 13 figures. source
NCJ 123216
Center for the Study of Youth Policy, University of Michigan
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Ann Arbor, MI

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