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The State of the Art in Jail Drug Treatment Programs
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NCCD Focus
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Feb 1994
Extensive data were gathered on program settings, eligibility and screening criteria, program elements, organization and funding, and aftercare linkages, as well as relative infraction rates and relative costs for the programs. The findings showed that these programs have significant drawbacks: they serve only a very small number of offenders within the jail system, there is a conflict between the ideal length of program stay and the actual length of stay possible given jail system flow, and there are inadequate time and resources to provide extensive prerelease planning and linked aftercare services. All programs included in this evaluation resulted in net additional costs per prisoner, per day; the benefit of this additional expense has to be weighed against recidivism statistics and the probability that a given offender will be reincarcerated. This recidivism analysis is forthcoming. Nonetheless, the evidence indicates that these programs have a positive impact on institutional behavior, particularly levels of inmate violence. source
NCJ 152564
National Council on Crime and Delinquency
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San Francisco, CA

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