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Emerging Drug Enforcement Tactics: A Program Assessment
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This report discusses the evolution of police drug enforcement and emphasizes the need for research into the nature of local policing practices. Two subsequent chapters outline the research objectives and methodology used in this study, and factors related to the use of drug tactics by police. The bulk of the report is devoted to a description of innovative, effective drug law enforcement approaches, including inter alia, airport and asset profiling, automated intelligence data bases, child protection laws, clone pagers, crime analysis, drug demand reduction programs, drug incentive awards programs, hotel/motel interdiction, padlock laws, pharmaceutical diversion, and post-seizure analysis. Despite the local and decentralized nature of American police forces, officers have developed an almost universal repertoire of standard drug enforcement tactics, largely due to agency participation in multijurisdictional task forces. source
NCJ 159607
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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