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National Assessment Program: 1994 Survey Results, Research Report
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Respondents to the 1994 NAP survey repeatedly expressed concern about young people, both as victims and offenders. Use of firearms in crimes committed by juveniles and adults was another problem cited by many respondents. Alcohol abuse and illegal drug abuse continued to clog the criminal justice system with offenders. Criminal justice agencies face many other problems and needs identified in the survey and discussed in this report: (1) How can police better respond to an increasingly culturally diverse society? (2) To what degree are today's jails and prisons crowded? (3) What kinds of programs have police departments established for at-risk youths? (4) How are criminal justice agencies responding to mentally ill offenders? (5) What kinds of information systems should agencies establish to support their activities? source
NCJ 150856
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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