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Pub. Type Report
Title NISMART-2 Household Survey: Adult and Youth Questionnaires
Author(s) Temple University, Institute for Survey Research
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Pub. Date 2005
Abstract Interviewers' comments and questions are distinguished by the role of the interviewer or the content of the interview. The first section of questions involves introductory questions by the preliminary screener, who obtains information necessary to determine whether the household is to be included in the survey. Comments and questions are then provided for the 'main study screener,' who obtains information on the household and its members. Questions on the 'child roster' are presented to obtain information on each child living in the household. The second section of this document pertains to questions by the adult episode screener, who determines whether there has been an incident of a missing, runaway, or 'thrownaway' child in the household. Questions in the next section compose adult follow-up interviews, which are designed to obtain the details of any incident that is the focus of the survey. Questions for the 'adult roster' are then presented to obtain information on adult respondents. The remaining two sections of the document contain questions designed to screen youth respondents for inclusion in the follow-up interviews, which are designed to obtain information from youth on any experienced incident relevant to the survey objectives. source
Issue/No. NCJ 211391
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