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Pub. Type Report
Title NISMART-2 Household Survey: Public Data User's Guide
Author(s) Barr, Michael K.
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Pub. Date 2005
Abstract The guide describes the structure and content of the data files, explains the differences between child-level and household-level variables, and provides SPSS syntax that can be used to select cases with specific attributes and to create and merge aggregated data files. The first section of the guide describes N2HH public use material. This includes descriptions of the inventory of public use data and documentation files; the contents of adult and youth data files; the locating variables in the adult and youth data files; and the selection of identical questions across follow-up interviews. The second section of the guide addresses data conventions and issues, with attention to missing data conventions, the identification of cases and households, household-level and child-level variables, the 'pz' and 'pm' variables, creating a data file aggregated by household, and merging the adult and youth data. The third section covers issues related to re-evaluated episodes and pseudo follow-up data, and the fourth section focuses on re-evaluated episodes and countable episode variables. Subjects related to follow-up and countable episode summary variables are addressed in the fifth section, followed by a section that explains multiple-child 'flags.' The remaining two sections discuss youth interview disposition variables and sample weights and variance estimates. source
Issue/No. NCJ 211387
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