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Salt Lake City's Comprehensive Communities Program: A Case Study
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Aug 1998
The CCP program began April 1, 1995, with a $2.2 million grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The program sought to create a neighborhood-based model for the prevention, intervention, and suppression of crime through restructuring the law enforcement and social service systems to reduce violent youth crime. Five innovative units called Community Action Teams (CAT) were at the core of the initiative. These neighborhood-based problem-solving teams consisted of representatives from government and nonprofit agencies in specific geographic areas. Salt Lake City's CCP also included programs directed at early intervention, treatment, community mobilization, and alternatives to traditional criminal justice approaches to processing offenders. Findings of the case study indicated that the CCP is a dynamic, engaging initiative that has changed the way that government and non-government agencies, community groups, and citizens function in Salt Lake City. source
NCJ 178931
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