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Restorative Policing Experiment: The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Police Family Group Conferencing Project, Final Report
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The Bethlehem Pennsylvania Family Group Conferencing Project determined that: (1) Typical American police officers are capable of conducting conferences consistent with due process and restorative justice principles, given adequate training and supervision; (2) Conferencing did not transform police attitudes, organization culture or role perceptions, but those with the most exposure did move toward a more community-oriented, problem-solving stance; (3) Police-facilitated restorative conferences can produce conflict-reducing outcomes, most clearly in cases of interpersonal violence; (4) Victims, offenders and parents who participated accepted the police-based restorative justice; and (5) Police-facilitated restorative conferences produced participant satisfaction and perceptions of fairness at least as high as other restorative justice programs and the courts. Notes, figures, appendixes source
NCJ 177564
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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