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Soviet Emigre Organized Criminal Networks in the United States, Final Report
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Much of the data and investigative materials were collected by the criminal justice agencies in the Tri-State Joint Project on Soviet Emigre Organized Crime. Other information was collected by means of a mail survey of more than 750 police agencies and individuals and interviews with writers and journalists; crucial community figures in two large emigre communities; police in the United States and the former Soviet Union; and residents and businesspersons in Brighton Beach, N.Y. Results revealed that individual crimes of a highly organized and complex kind are being committed by emigres from the former Soviet Union. However, no Russian organized crime as such exists in the United States; no Russian Mafia exists. The Soviet emigre criminal networks observed during the research were neither predominately Russian, nor did they possess the defining characteristics for being a mafia. Findings indicated that the popular notion of a Russian Mafia in the United States is a symbolic creation of the media and law enforcement and has little basis in fact. Reference notes and appended figures, tables, map, and methodological information source
NCJ 173060
Rutgers University [producer], National Institute of Justice [distributor]
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Newark, NJ

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