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Potential of NIBRS for Supporting National Studies of Non-Family Abductions of Children
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Jan 1995
The study had four main goals: (1) determine the feasibility of using the NIBRS to study the incidence of attempted and completed NFA's and related child victimizations; (2) determine the validity and reliability of NFA estimates extracted from the NIBRS; (3) develop a plan and methodology for routinely using the NIBRS to estimate and study NFA's; and (4) cooperate with other initiatives studying child sexual exploitation and juvenile offending and victimization. Primary tasks of the first phase of the study were to evaluate NFA definitions, compare these definitions to NIBRS and State incident-based reporting system (IBRS) specifications, examine the status of State IBRS programs, and look at NIBRS data currently available from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Considering definitions only, it was determined the NIBRS may be an adequate substitute for the Police Records Study component of the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children (NISMART). The offense definition for kidnapping/abduction includes main definitional elements of taking and/or detaining a victim. Reliance on the NIBRS offense definition, however, requires making assumptions about how consistently it is used by investigative officers in various jurisdictions. Required NIBRS data fields cover many NISMART definitional elements. The authors note that required NIBRS data fields cover many NISMART definitional elements and that the NIBRS may not be implemented adequately in some States. They identify areas for additional study to improve data completeness and consistency. 5 references and 7 exhibits source
NCJ 170544
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