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Pub. Type Journal Article
Title Female victims of partner versus nonpartner violence: Experiences with the criminal justice system
Author(s) Byrne, Christina A.
Kilpatrick, Dean G.
Howley, Susan S.
Beatty, David
Journal Criminal Justice and Behavior
Pub. Date Sep 1999
Abstract The females were categorized into one of two victim groups, based on their reported relationship with the perpetrator of the assault--victims of partner violence and victims of non-partner violence. Data were obtained using the Crime Victims Survey and the Victim Satisfaction Scale. Compared to non-partner assault victims, victims of assault by an intimate partner were consistently less likely to report satisfaction with professionals involved in the criminal justice system and with the criminal justice system in general. Some differences also emerged regarding specific experiences with these professionals and the criminal justice process. In addition, strength of statutory protection of crime victim rights was analyzed in relation to the experiences of partner violence victims. Group differences emerged in jurisdictions weak in protection of crime victim rights but not in strong protection jurisdictions. The authors conclude the specific needs of female victims of partner violence must be taken into account more fully by the criminal justice system. 24 references and 2 figures source
Volume 26
Issue/No. 3
Pages 275 - 292
ISSN 0093-8548
NCJ No. NCJ 178788

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