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Pub. Type Report
Title Juveniles in Residential Placement, 2010
Author(s) Hockenberry, Sarah
Subtitle/Series Name Juvenile Offenders and Victims: National Report Series Bulletin
Pub. Date Jun 2013
Abstract This bulletin presents a detailed picture of the young people who are held in custody across the Nation, including age, race, gender, offenses, and adjudication status; it contains the latest available national and State-level data from the Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement (CJRP), describing 79,165 youth held in 2,259 facilities on February 24, 2010. The population of juvenile offenders in custody has declined by one-third since 1997, and the number of status offenders in custody was down 52 percent from 1997. There are still areas for improvement, however, especially as regards rates of confinement for minority youth. Nationwide, the custody rate for Black youth was more than 4.5 times the rate for White youth, and the custody rate for Hispanic youth was 1.8 times the rate for White youth. The CJRP facility inclusion criteria were as follows: residential facilities in operation on the census reference date (generally the fourth Wednesday in October), public or private (or tribal since 1999) operation, and intended for juvenile offenders (although some hold adults as well). Specifically excluded were: nonresidential facilities, detention centers operated as part of adult jails, facilities exclusively for drug abusers or dependent/neglected youth, foster homes, and federal correctional facilities (e.g., Immigration and Naturalization Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States Marshalls, or Bureau of Prisons). Inclusion criteria for individual-level data were as follows: youth under age 21, assigned a bed in a residential facility at the end of the day on the census reference day, charged with an offense or court-adjudicated for an offense, and in residential placement because of that offense. Tables and figures source
Issue/No. NCJ 241060
Producer United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Place of Production Washington, DC

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