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Title Delinquency in the United States, 1982 - A Description of Delinquency and Status Offense Cases Processed By Courts With Juvenile Jurisdiction
Author(s) Snyder, Howard N.
Hutzler, J.L.
Finnegan, T.A.
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Pub. Date 1985
Abstract Data show that courts disposed of an estimated 1,296,000 cases, an 8-percent decline from 1975. In this period, status offenses disposed decreased by 37 percent, reflecting a general policy change of transferring status offenders to child welfare agencies. Despite a decrease in the at-risk population between 1975-1982, delinquency case rates increased by 12 percent. Of all cases, law enforcement agencies referred 77 percent, although only 50 percent of status offense cases were referred by law enforcement. Youth in 20 percent of all cases were securely detained at some point between referral and disposition. There was an overall decrease in the use of secure detention in the period examined, with status offenders accounting for the majority of this decline. Each year from 1975 through 1982, more than half the cases were handled informally, without the filing of a petition. Of petitioned cases, 64 percent were adjudicated; and of these, 64 percent were placed on probation and 29 percent received an out-of-home placement. Males accounted for 75 percent of all cases, and youth under 16 years of age were involved in 57 percent of cases. Black-white differences are noted both in the types of cases referred to the courts and their disposition. A glossary and methodological information are appended. 29 tables, 35 figures, and notes. source
Issue/No. NCJ 103410
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