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Guide to Data Sets in the National Juvenile Court Data Archive
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Nov 1991
Following a brief history of the archive, the guide describes the data access procedure. This consists of the selection of data sets, the formal request for data, the delivery of the data files, and the production of special analyses or customized data files. In the descriptions of the data sets, the data sets are grouped in two sections of listings. The first contains information on annual case-level files for each jurisdiction (specific State or county). The second set is composed of birth cohort data files that contain every case record in a juvenile's court career by jurisdiction (specific State or county). Each listing has two parts. The first section contains information on the data supplier and how that agency collects and uses the data, the archive restructuring of the data (if applicable), the year of the earliest data housed in the archive, and the approximate number of juveniles in a birth cohort file. The second part is a list of key data elements with indications of the detail of the coding structures. source
NCJ 132073
United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
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Washington, DC

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