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Pub. Type Report
Title Gang Suppression and Intervention: Community Models, Research Summary
Author(s) Spergel, Irving
Chance, Ron
Ehrensaft, Kenneth
Regulus, Thomas
Kane, Candice
Laseter, Robert
Alexander, Alba
Oh, Sandra
Subtitle/Series Name National Youth Gang Suppression and Intervention Program
Pub. Date Oct 1994
Abstract The proposed general and specific models for youth gang suppression and intervention assume that the gang problem and related criminal behavior stem from two interacting conditions: poverty and social disorganization. Other significant or contributing factors include institutional racism, cultural misadaptation, deficiencies in social policy, and the availability of criminal opportunities. Certain action areas must be addressed in implementing the operational strategies of community mobilization, provision of opportunities, social intervention, suppression, and organizational change and development. These areas are problem assessment, development of youth gang policy, managing the collaborative process, creation of program goals and objectives, programming, coordination and community participation, youth accountability, staffing, training, research evaluation, and funding priorities. Following a description of the tasks of community mobilization, roles in youth gang suppression and intervention are described for the police, prosecution, courts, probation, corrections, parole, schools, youth employment, a community-based youth agency, and grassroots organizations. source
Issue/No. NCJ 148202
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