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Corrections Model
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National Youth Gang Suppression and Intervention Program
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The proposed model has five general strategies: organizational development and change, community mobilization, opportunities provision, social intervention, and suppression. Organizational development and change involve modifying old or creating new policies and procedures as well as developing resources to address gang problems in the institution. Important elements of this component are information collection and assessment, policy development, administrative coordination, staff training and deployment, the provision of fiscal and State resources, and planning with the State and other agencies. Community mobilization involves establishing a network of organizational and program relationships and resources with outside organization and groups to support and reinforce the work of the institution and community organization in the control and rehabilitation of gang youth. The component of opportunities provision emphasizes the development of programs and services such as remedial education, training, and jobs during a gang member's incarceration and the transition back to the community. Social intervention consists of crisis intervention, counseling, values education, referral, and advocacy to assist gang members with personal, social, and correctional adaptation programs. Suppression measures are designed to reduce inmate gang violence, intimidation, recruitment, and other criminal activities; provide crisis intervention in serious gang incidents; and disrupt the solidarity of gang organization. 8 references source
NCJ 147633
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