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Pub. Type Report
Title Executive Summary, Stage 1: Assessment
Author(s) Spergel, Irving A.
Curry, David
Chance, Ron
Kane, Candice
Ross, Ruth
Alexander, Alba
Simmons, Edwina
Oh, Sandra
Subtitle/Series Name National Youth Gang Suppression and Intervention Program
Pub. Date May 1990
Abstract The projects focused on the scope and seriousness of the problem of juvenile gangs, the characteristics of gang structure and experience, the social contexts for gang development, and cities with emerging and chronic youth gang problems. The analyses also focused on historical responses to the problem, responses by the criminal justice system and other agencies, policy structures and procedures, and promising approaches by law enforcement in conjunction with other community groups. The research also focused on the effectiveness of intervention strategies. The analyses produced four recommendations for systematic testing in various cities and sites around the country. These recommendations relate to the definition of a youth gang, the targeting of specific youth for early intervention and control efforts, programs for cities with chronic gang problems, and programs for cities with emerging gang problems. source
Issue/No. NCJ 146554
Producer National Youth Gang Information Center
Place of Production Arlington, VA

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