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Coordinated Community Policing: The Newark Experience
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Technical Report
Pub. Date:
Jul 1985
Program components included a neighborhood community service center, a directed police-citizen contact program, a neighborhood police newsletter, several programs designed to reduce social disorder, and programs to reduce physical deterioration. The program was implemented as planned for 10 months. Interviews with random samples of residents of both the program area and a comparison area both before and after the program and data on recorded crime formed the basis of the evaluation. Exposure to individual program elements produced few statistically significant positive effects. The reduction in Part 1 crimes and the positive overall effects on attitudes suggested that the coordination of the program elements produced a positive synergistic effect. A mutually beneficial partnership was created between the police and the community. The program's success suggests the truth of the principle that the most effective policing is that which rests on community support and works closely with the citizens served. source
NCJ 102181
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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