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Pub. Type Journal Article
Title Assessing the generality of General Strain Theory: The relationship among occupational stress experienced by male police officers and domestic forms of violence
Author(s) Gibson, Chris L.
Swatt, Marc L.
Jolicoeur, Jason R.
Journal Journal of Crime and Justice
Pub. Date 2001
Abstract The study explored the generality of Agnew's (1992) General Strain Theory (GST). Data used in this study were taken from 596 male police officers who participated in the Police Stress and Domestic Violence in Police Families study (1997-1999), Baltimore, Maryland. The GST provides an explanatory framework that may contribute to understanding the negative effects and adverse behavioral adaptations stemming from stress experienced by law enforcement officers including, but not limited to, depression, anger, and violent behaviors. The study also used the GST framework to explain the relationships between strain, negative emotions, and law enforcement officers' involvement in domestic forms of violence. The study supported the claim that strain experienced by officers was indirectly related to domestic violence through negative effects of anger and depression. Strain and domestic violence, however, did not have a direct relationship. Social support was influential in decreasing the likelihood of negative effects regardless of the level of exposure to strain; however, the conditioning factors of social support and spirituality did not have an impact on domestic violence. Note, tables, appendixes, references source
Volume 24
Issue/No. 2
Pages 29 - 57
ISSN 0735-648X
NCJ No. NCJ 193705

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