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Restricted Data

Learn about different types of restrictions on use of some data housed in NACJD and what steps are necessary for researchers to gain access to these data. Read on about Restricted Data

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Effective Searching

  • Our search indexes the full documentation for datasets, including the variables.
  • You can enter a literal research question:
    Do children of Asian immigrants speak English in the home more often than children of Latino immigrants?
  • Or just keywords:
    retirement "health insurance"
  • To find studies with specific variables, separate the variables with commas and sort by "Variable Relevance" on the results page.

Search Syntax

  • A Boolean "and" is inferred with multiple terms.
  • Stemming is automatic; do not use an asterisk.
  • Search is not case-sensitive.
  • Use quotes for phrase searches; use the minus sign to remove items from results:
    "election data" -"opinion poll"