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Pub. Type Journal Article
Title Tablas de mortalidad, jubilación invalidez, Costa Rica 2000-2005
Author(s) Bixby, Luis Rosero
Chaves, Andrea Collado
Journal Población y Salud en Mesoamérica
Pub. Date Jul/Dec 2008
Abstract It estimates complete (single ages) life tables for Costa Rica, 2000-2005, up to the age 115 years, as well as a projection for 2025-2030 and a simple model of the death probabilities by age, sex and calendar year in the period 2006-2050. It compares mortality in the general population with the groups of right-owners of retirement pension, the old-age retirees and the disabled-retirees. The estimated life expectancy at birth was 78.2 years for both sexes (75.9 men and 80.6 women). Costa Rica continues to have the second highest life expectancy in the Americas (Canada has the highest). Life expectancy at 65 years, the retirement age approximately, increased half a year for men and almost one year for women from 1995-2000 to 2000-20005: from 16.9 to 17.5 years for men and 19.1 to 19.9 for women. The mortality pattern among the pension-right-owners does not differ significantly from the pattern in the general population. In contrast, the data showed significant differences in mortality of the old-age retirees and the disabled-retirees when compared to the general population. The life table projected for 2025-2030 estimates the likely mortality of those opting for retirement in 2007-2011. This projection assumes slow progress in life expectancy. The Costa Rican Superintendence of Pensions has made mandatory the use of these life table estimates inactuarial computations of life insurances and lifetime pensions.
Volume 6
Issue/No. 1
Language Article: Spanish; Abst: Eng

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