Census Quality Survey Public Use Data File: 2001

The study was designed with the primary objective of producing a data file that could be used to bridge between the "single" race distribution in the 1990 Census and other household surveys and the "one or more races" distribution in Census 2000. The Census Quality Survey was a nationally representative sample of about 55,000 households. Using a mail back questionnaire, one-half of the sample household respondents were asked to "mark one race" and during a telephone re-contact, these respondents were asked to "select one or more races." For the other half of the sample households, the reverse procedure was used. Data from these two contacts may be used to produce "bridging parameters" to compare race distributions collected under methodologies that request either one race or one or more races. In addition, Census 2000 records were matched to their respective CQS records (with a match success rate of 86%). The matched records may also be used to produce bridging estimates.