FAQs: General Questions

  1. How does ICPSR manage versioning?
  2. How do I export to bibliographic management software?
  3. How do I report a problem with your Web site?
  4. I'm interested in replicating research that was conducted with an earlier version of an ICPSR study. Is it possible to get those data?
  5. What are ICPSR's terms of use?
  6. What is a DOI?
  7. What is a persistent URL?
  8. What is ICPSR?
  9. When I open an ASCII codebook, it displays oddly and is difficult to read. What can I do to fix this?
  10. Why should I attend the ICPSR Summer Program?
  11. Why should I deposit data with ICPSR?
  12. Why should my institution join ICPSR?

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