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Burgernomics: The Big Mac Guide to Purchasing Power Parity (ICPSR 1298)
Pakko, Michael R.; Pollard, Patricia S.
Central Bank Independence and Economic Performance (ICPSR 1064)
Pollard, Patricia S.
EMU: Will It Fly? (ICPSR 1165)
Pollard, Patricia S.
Going Down: The Asian Crisis and United States Exports (ICPSR 1203)
Pollard, Patricia S.; Coughlin, Cletus C.
Question of Measurement: Is the Dollar Rising or Falling? (ICPSR 1160)
Coughlin, Cletus C.; Pollard, Patricia S.
State Exports and the Asian Crisis (ICPSR 1216)
Coughlin, Cletus C.; Pollard, Patricia S.

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