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Study Title/Investigator
2001 Chilean Social Mobility Survey (ICPSR 35299)
Torche, Florencia; Wormald, Guillermo
Alien Address Reports, [United States]: 1980 Public Use File (ICPSR 7998)
United States Department of Justice. Immigration and Naturalization Service
British Election Study: 1969-1970, February 1974 Panel (ICPSR 7869)
Crewe, Ivor; Saerlvik, Bo; Alt, James
British Election Study: February 1974, Cross-Section (ICPSR 7868)
Crewe, Ivor; Saerlvik, Bo; Alt, James
British Election Study: [June] 1983 (ICPSR 8409)
Heath, A.F.; Jowell, R.M.; Curtice, J.K.; et al.
British Election Study: October 1974, Cross-Section (ICPSR 7870)
Crewe, Ivor; Saerlvik, Bo; Alt, James
British Election Study: October 1974, Scottish Cross-Section (ICPSR 7871)
Crewe, Ivor; Saerlvik, Bo; Alt, James
British General Election Panel Survey, 1992-1997 (ICPSR 2616)
Heath, A.; Jowell, R.; Curtice, J.K.
Carolina Abecedarian Project and the Carolina Approach to Responsive Education (CARE), 1972-1992 (ICPSR 4091)
Ramey, Craig T.; Gallagher, James J.; Campbell, Frances A.; et al.
Center for Research on Social Reality [Spain] Survey, May 1994: Demands for Social Welfare (ICPSR 2034)
Centro de Investigaciones Sobre la Realidad Social (CIRES)
Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study (CILS), 1991-2006 (ICPSR 20520)
Portes, Alejandro; Rumbaut, Rubén G.
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